Information for Staff

All the best teachers are teachers of careers!

Why? Because we all want the children we teach to live happy and fulfilled lives and a large part of that revolves around having a successful career.

We all have the opportunity to contribute to the teaching of careers at Swift Academies by,

  • Delivering careers related sessions through our work as form tutors
  • Talking to pupils about our own careers and the career paths we have chosen
  • Developing links with local employers who can help bring our curriculum to life and give it a purpose
  • Taking time to understand the post-16 options available to pupils and discussing them in class
  • Inviting local employers, colleges and universities to our lessons to make links between school and the wider world.

If you need any support within your curriculum area please contact:

Penny Hudson (Careers Lead)

Darren Thompson (Higher Education Champion)

Support from employers and Higher education can be requested by using these Shout Out forms.

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